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RIFA – LIVE! (2/8/16)

SouthsideCentral will be LIVE! at Monday’s Regional Industrial Facilities Authority meeting. The meeting starts at noon at the Danville Regional Airport. Be sure to refresh this article often for the latest happenings, photos and commentary. We’ll clean the article up in the editing process when we get home.

Before the meeting starts, we’ll take a quick look at what will happen today.

If you’re looking for a meeting with lots of happenings and action, we can’t help you here. Just like the Danville Planning Commission meeting coming up at 3 PM, today’s agenda is very light.

We’ll have the public comment period (and that rarely draws any speakers), then a discussion on changing the bylaws to make it clear that the chairman and vice-chairman can’t both come from either the city or the county. After that, the board will approve paying Dewberry $5400 for a site plan for a prospective Megapark client that’s known as “Project Lignum” now. After that, there’s a closed session for business development and we’ll wrap the meeting up with an around the horn session.

We’re underway!

Everybody is finishing their lunch as the meeting is called to order. Coy Harville stops by to watch today’s meeting.

RIFA Chairman Jessie Barksdale calls the meeting to order. Attorney Sandra Gilstrap has joined Clement Wheatley and sits in on today’s meeting to learn how things work.

This meeting is going so quick that people are still eating while Mike Adkins goes over the finance report.

Notice that nobody is actually watching Mike Adkins talk. Heh.

Bob Warren is here at the meeting, but he’s at the middle of the table,

Register & Bee reporter Denice Thibodeau looks to be about as happy to be covering this meeting as I am.

Everything goes as planned. The closed session ends and the around the horn session is non-noteworthy. We’re done. After the meeting, Danville & Pittsylvania County’s economic development folks go into a meeting room to talk after everybody leaves. There’s nothing wrong nor illegal about that.

Do we have any bonus content for you? Of course!

Here’s a look as most of the entire table. Lunch for 20, please!

Thanks for reading the most comprehensive coverage of a very dull meeting. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

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