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Danville School Board – LIVE! (11/5/15)

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at Thursday night’s Danville School Board meeting. We had to leave early because the Danville City Council meeting was cross-scheduled, but we covered what we could. Enjoy the recap.

We’re underway! Cheryl Bryant does the prayer and leads the Pledge of Allegiance.

Everybody is here tonight.

Chairman Ed Polhamus takes time out for a personal speech. His mother died and he said that the love that she had for education, she would have wanted him to be here for tonight’s meeting. He makes a very nice speech.

We’ve got a decent sized audience tonight. Dolores Reynolds, HELLO!

And here’s a look at the other side of tonight’s audience. Everybody on the far side in this photo is school system related.

We start with the recognition segments. The week of November 16th is “Education Appreciation Week”. The week of November 9th is “School Psychology Awareness Week”.

The last part of the recognition segment is the annual Virginia School Board Association awards for continuing education offered by the association. Cheryl Bryant, Terri Hall, Sharon Dones and Renee Hughes earn “Recognition” certificates for 15 to 23 credits in the past year. Philip Campbell got the “Honor” certificate and a gold pin for 66 to 83 credits in the past two years. Ed Polhamus got the top level recognition of the “Distinction” certificate and a starfish pin for 84+ credits in the past two years.

Moving to the public comment segment, we have one speaker signed up. Unfortunately, it’s that woman who showed up at Danville City Council a few months ago trying to preach against “alkaline water” and sell something. I chuckle because Steven Gould recognizes the sales pitch from the beginning.

Dave Cochran starts his presentation on safety and security upgrades. He’ll get approval and the money needed to install new lighting at schools. Unfortunately, we’re running out of time here because the cross-scheduled city council meeting is coming up. I’m heading there next.

After I left, the board got a presentation from Melissa Newton about school accreditation reports and the board approved putting $50,000 towards the upcoming precision machining program. That’s going to come into play at Danville City Council’s work session.

I wish I could have done more here, but the city council meeting is coming up… here on SouthsideCentral!

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