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Backyard Blight?

Editor’s Note: I’ve written a follow-up article to address what I’ve learned about this building. Click on this link to read that article.

We all know that the City of Danville is cracking down on blighted properties because they look bad, drive down property values and can be safety hazards. The city condemns buildings that are in need of a lot of repair or are unsecured. Then the owner has to make repairs quickly or the city can demolish the building.

What if a blighted building was almost in the backyard of Danville’s Municipal Building?

Let’s take a journey to 318 Loyal Street, right in the heart of Danville’s River District…

Well then. That building doesn’t look too attractive. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Another “Well then.” That certainly meets the definition of an “unsecured building”. That would make a great camping place for somebody who wanted to get shelter. They could just go in that open window, light a few candles for warmth and it’s fire department… HELLO!

If anybody in the city’s Community Development department wants to go inspect this building, it’s right around the corner from City Hall. Now, you might think “Gee, who owns this building and how long have they owned it for?” I’m glad you asked that question. Let’s go to the city’s GIS reports…

River District Properties has owned this building since December 2012. And who’s the owner of River District Properties LLC?

Say it with me. “Well then.” It’s possible that this property has slipped under the city’s radar even though it’s right under their nose. But let’s be real. The building is clearly unsecured. That’s been the reason for the city to immediately slap a condemnation notice on other properties like this and to make the owner board up broken out windows until repairs can be made.

Let’s see what happens with this building in the next few days.


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