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RandomThoughts! (10/5/15)

I was thinking today, and I was thinking randomly…

Hey! I need a Big Board for these RandomThoughts!

  • I guess that the Lucky Table Italian Restaurant is officially coming to the old Rax/Fenders/Philly Cheesesteaks building since they’ve spent the money on the new sign.
  • Although flooding stories and updates gave me a 4X boost in SouthsideCentral traffic, I’m tired of the story now. First there was flag fatigue, now it’s flood fatigue.
  • Closing your business on Mondays is just stupid.
  • Chatmoss Cable’s TV studio is extremely nice. They have a three-camera setup and excellent sound quality. Meanwhile, Danville’s Star News station seemed to be off the air today and nobody really cared. Heh.
  • Sooner or later, I’m going to repeat a RandomThought. I don’t care. I might have just repeated that one.
  • I still call it Carolina Circle Mall as I drive by there.
  • It’s strange that WSET is showing the Monopoly Millionaires Club game show when you can’t play the game with the Virginia Lottery.
  • Danville’s Golden Skillet has the best chicken fillet sandwich around.

I knew I couldn’t make it through a RandomThoughts article without mentioning food. Heh.

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