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UPDATED: Say, That’s Odd: Useless Post Office Poles

UPDATE: One of SouthsideCentral’s good friends has gotten the answer for us. I’ve added that to the bottom of the article.

SouthsideCentral had a busy day on Saturday, and one of my stops was in Yanceyville for the annual Bright Leaf Hoedown festival. We’ll have lots of photos from there soon, but I started off with a “Say, That’s Odd” moment with I walked by their post office…

Yanceyville’s post office is about 100 feet from Court Square. The post office shares a building with some Caswell County government offices. Let’s take a look at what I saw.

Although it’s one big building, you can see that the post office part has been completely walled off and is its own separate part. We’ve got three yellow poles that have been installed blocking the driveway off directly lining up with the building’s division. Let’s take a closer look at those poles.

I can’t imagine any practical use for those poles. If they are designed to help with pedestrian safety, then there’s nothing to protect pedestrians on the other side. If they’re designed to stop a car from running into the building, then again there’s nothing to protect that from happening if you’re coming in from the flagpole side. If it’s designed to stop a terrorist attack, then there’s nothing to stop a vehicle from coming down the lanes using for parking and plowing right into the heart of the building.

Side note: If someone truly believes that the post office in Yanceyville, NC is even anywhere on ISIS’s list of potential terrorist attacks targets that will bring Imperialist America to its knees, then whoever that threat analyst is needs to have a lot of strong drinks.

The only thing that these Post Office Poles do is inconvenience potential customers & traffic and to slow things down to a crawl by using a ridiculously complex solution to a non-existent problem. Come to think of it, that’s something that the US Postal Service seems to be known for when it comes to mailing & shipping options.

Say it along with me, folks… “Say, That’s Odd.”


And thanks to a good friend, here’s the answer…

The bollards were put in a few months ago when the parking lot was paved. The handicapped parking spaces were closer to the door then and some people coming out of the post office were almost hit by cars. Go figure. Oh yeah, somebody has already driven between the last bollard and the building, so they’re planning on installing another one to block that path.

3 comments to UPDATED: Say, That’s Odd: Useless Post Office Poles

  • I am not sure why the yellow poles are up , maybe traffic control to stop people from parking in front of office or people speeding down driveway as you mentioned.
    A good investigative reporter would call them and ask the reason. lol
    Inquiring minds wants to know….. I guess.

  • Really!

    The poles are there because inconsiderate dumb assess fly through the parking lot from one side to the other and nearly run over people exiting those office buildings. So.. here’s a thought …I guess your unfounded ignorant theory of how they wouldn’t serve the purpose of protecting pedestrians is wrong. Maybe you should stick to blogging about tobacco leaves.

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