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Danville School Board – LIVE! (7/16/15)

Editor’s Note: This article is now complete up to the point where I had to leave the meeting. Once I get the recap of what else happened, I’ll add that to this article.


We’re LIVE! at tonight’s Danville School Board meeting. Because Danville United has also scheduled a meeting tonight, so we’re going to have to split our coverage efforts. Tonight’s school board meeting starts at 6:00 PM. Be sure to refresh the page often for the latest photos, happenings and commentary. We’ll clean the article up when we get home and add some bonus content.

We’ll get as much as we can by 6:40 PM, then it’s time to move to the Danville United meeting.

We’re underway. Ed Polhamus is out tonight so Terri Hall is running the meeting.

Terri Hall moves to Ed Polhamus’ seat, and Renee Hughes moves to Terri Hall’s seat. Steven Gould is all by himself.

Randall Stokes is introduced as the new GW principal.

Nobody speaks in the public hearing section of the revised tobacco policy or the revised student concussion policy.

It’s almost a full house when you only put 24 seats out. Dolores Reynolds, HELLO!

Principal positions will be official after the closed session, so we’ll try to get them out as quickly as we get them. And here’s the information.

BREAKING: Danville School Board announces Joe Baez (from Rockingham County NC) as new principal at Westwood and Debra Kinsey (from Beaufort County NC) as assistant principal.

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Cheryl Bryant goes over 54 billion policy clarification changes, and our time is running out here. I wouldn’t say that she took a long time, but Philip Campbell ducked out for a break and GW principal Randall Stokes left the meeting. Heh.

On my way out, I am obliged to point out that the bathroom doors are locked once again. Hahaha. So much for that… again.


We had to stick around to get Juliet Jennings in action. Heh.

The ever so hearted Juliet Jennings puts the personnel recommendations up for approval, and highlights include two teachers who have decided to return to the system and the rehire of a HVAC repairman.

I hate to have to leave, but other meetings and events are waiting. I’ll add more to this article once I get the recap of what happened. Since there was no Register & Bee reporter at tonight’s meeting, this is the only article that you’ll see about it.

Hold tight, folks. I’ll complete this article once I get the rundown.

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