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RandomThoughts! (4/6/15)

You know, I’ve been thinking. Randomly.

RandomThoughts belong on that Big Board coming down the tracks…

  • Over 500 people attended the big Sesquicentennial Old South Ball at the Community Market this past weekend. Although next year won’t be a round number like 150, the heritage groups should realize that this can be a big fundraiser for many years to come as an annual event.
  • I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t any kind of an organized (or disorganized) protest by the local anti-confederate flag groups. You know, the ones that said “This isn’t over”. Of course, they also said that the Community Outrage would continue against the firing of Ed Newsome, too. Ed who?
  • Why hadn’t Bertram Hayes-Davis (Jefferson Davis’ great-great-grandson) ever been to Danville before? You’d think that’s the kind of guy who would have taken a vacation to Danville at sometime to at least tour the Sutherlin Mansion. Will he ever be back?
  • How many people know what sesquicentennial means?
  • Halifax County’s Chamber of Commerce had their annual business trade show last week. I knew nothing about it until the day before the event.
  • The one year that WMDV took part in it, Jessica Robinson came in asking “Where is this Pizzeria event center I saw on the billboards?”. I tried not to laugh when I told her it was “The Prizery” and she was standing in it. Seriously.
  • I miss listening to Brad Krantz & Britt Whitmire on radio. In the meantime, they’re still as good as ever on their podcast.
  • Tuesday night. 7 PM. I’ll be making a speech in front of Danville City Council. Trust me, you’re going to want to hear it.

That’s my RandomThoughts! for today. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

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