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Thumbs! (4/5/15)

This Thumbs! article will contain an Historic Moment. I guarantee it.

UP! is good. DOWN! is bad. Blackberry cobbler is good, too. Big Board!

So that happened. Lots of red today, and it’s all deserved. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

6 comments to Thumbs! (4/5/15)

  • trevor

    southern Danville needs a Dollar General food store as northern Danville has!!!! Bruce can u check into this ?

    • It’s a question of where. The South Main Street corridor is almost landlocked now. I’m hearing Ballou Park Shopping Center.

      • Lee Smallwood

        Would that include an exit for Food Lion? It’s difficult to imagine that Food Lion’s lease terms would allow for another grocer in the shopping center while they are there. I would have guessed doing some tricky renovation on the South Main Dollar General would be more viable (I’m thinking the type of renovation I’ve seen Walmart and Target do where they build a wall outside of the existing store and tear down the inner wall).

  • trevor

    THANKS !! Bruce–appreciate quick update—yes Ballou park is good site + the shopping center near West Mai Hardees===

    • Lee Smallwood

      The city needs to have a serious plan for that area. It has some potential, but it’s just forgotten. It reminds me in some ways of Riverside from the Pepsi plant to the Highlander in 20 years if that is left unchecked.

  • Gracie

    Something can go where the old krogers was on west main.

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