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RandomThoughts! (3/25/15)

Let’s get thinking. Let’s do it randomly.

You know there’s a Big Board rolling onto the stage.

  • So, four Danville Utilities linemen quit and have jobs lined up with Elliott Electric. That’s one of the contractors that Danville Utilities uses to help out with their workload.
  • I spoke too soon about the algae problem with Danville’s water supply. I always like simple solutions. Would it be possible for somebody at the water plant to simply drink a glass of the freshly treated water every hour to check for problems?
  • Halifax County Board of Supervisors member Barry Bank spoke to a group of real estate agents last week. It was not pretty. Of course, you should expect that with the words “Guest Speaker Barry Bank”.
  • A Register & Bee reporter attended the funeral of Donna Hiatt and took photos. Seriously. Even Leonard Harville hasn’t done that.
  • How many people have ever heard of the J.T.-Minnie Maude Charitable Trust?
  • It’s NASCAR race weekend at Martinsville Speedway and there’s almost no mention of it around Danville? What gives?

That’s some RandomThoughts for today! We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

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