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TROTS: The Security Camera That Isn’t

We guessed wrong.

For only the second time in SouthsideCentral history, I’m putting an article in the “Errors & Omissions” category. Thanks to some great City of Danville folks, we’ve gotten the full story on the security camera on Main St. Let’s look at “The Rest Of The Story”…

Here’s the original article where we thought a well out-of-the-way security camera could have been a way to watch the new parking lot at the old Downtowner location.

Thanks to Mark Aron & Jason Grey, we got the full information today.

It turns out that the camera on the Herman building (circled in red) was the webcam that the city used to let people see the ongoing demolition process of the Downtowner motel. Once the process was complete, the city turned the webcam off. It’s hard to believe that that camera has been in place for over 3 years and I had never noticed it (or anybody else).

So, we’ll blow up all of our “government is watching you” thoughts. Heh. We were the first soutce to point the camera out, but we blew it… and that’s The Rest Of The Story.

2 comments to TROTS: The Security Camera That Isn’t

  • WebcamNotUsed

    So, the webcam remains there? Why? How much did it cost to put it there? How much to remove it? Is it not needed anywhere else?

    • My guess is that it isn’t bothering anything because hey, I was the only person to really notice it. I’m sure a bucket truck mounted it quickly and cheaply. Technically, it could be removed with one shotgun blast (THIS IS NOT A REAL IDEA IN CASE SOMEBODY WHO IS STUPID IS READING THIS. DO NOT DO THAT). And the city could use it to watch you. 😀

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