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RandomThoughts! (3/13/15)

I got the Thoughts! Oh yeah, they’re Random!

One Big Board… coming up!

  • Now that the odor and taste smell is gone from the Danville drinking water supply, I haven’t seen anybody that was bitching and complaining about the problem take the time to throw out a compliment for getting the problem fixed.
  • Maybe the reason that Langston “Focus” School only had an 80% graduate rate was partially because it’s the school that the kids get sent to when they can’t behave in “regular” school?
  • Harry Wooding is starting to turn a beautiful shade of moldy green on the steps to Danville’s Municipal Building.
  • We’re two months away from Danville’s Festival in the Park.
  • Have you ever been to Lynchburg’s Monument Terrace? It’s beautiful.
  • Thinking of you and your family, Jim Gauldin. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.
  • I stopped in River District Artisans this week. We’ll have a PhotoCentral about it this weekend.

That’s it. I’m all out of RandomThoughts! for the day. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

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