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Thumbs! (2/27/15)

They could be UP! They could be DOWN! One thing we know is that they’re freshly colored!

Let’s get some Thumbs! on a Big Board…

  • Thumbs UP! to Karen Johnston & her Karen’s Hallmark store in the Danville Mall. I mentioned it in yesterday’s RandomThoughts! article, but wanted to give it a full writeup today. Karen is doing a complete remodel and expanding her store. I talked to her this week and she said that the process is speeding along. She’s been at the mall since it opened in 1984 and is a true sweetheart. That’s the kind of locally owned small businesses that continue to give back to the city.
  • Thumbs UP! also to Danville Mall for now having 3 sets of escalators.
  • Thumbs DOWN! to Moldy Harry Wooding… or at least to his statue at Danville City Hall. Harry needs a good steam cleaning. Somebody from the city needs to call Ira Tilley at Tilley Monument Cleaning. If you need a monument cleaned perfectly, you call him too.
  • And a final Thumbs UP! to Virginia’s General Assembly. They got finished on time and had no major partisan battles that would have made the session go into overtime. Whew.

We’re done! We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral.

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