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RandomThoughts! (2/26/2015)

Let’s get Random! And I’m talking about Thoughts!

I’m smelling a Big Board!

  • Sadly, there really are stupid people who believe Danville’s (and Halifax County’s) water taste and odor problem came from the coal ash spill.
  • Does anybody know that GW’s boys (and girls) basketball teams are in conference tournament play now? Does anybody know what other teams are in “Conference 24”? Does anybody care? That’s a shame.
  • From the “Does anybody know/care?” department… Virginia’s General Assembly is almost finished for 2015.
  • Remember when Danville’s former library director (before Shelly) had a hissyfit with his boyfriend on Patton St. and disappeared soon afterwards?
  • If Karen’s Hallmark in Danville Mall can completely remodel and expand in 6 weeks, why is it taking over a year to convert an old tobacco warehouse into a parking garage on Bridge Street?
  • Oh yeah, we heart Karen Johnston. She’s a true inspiration and a terrific person.
  • Zaxby’s is doing great, despite all the social media gripers. And that’s just like we knew it would happen.
  • Hard drive crashes suck. Back up your files, people. It’s worth the time and effort.
  • $5.00 for a large (yes, I said large) Starbucks Java Chip Frappuchino is an outrage.
  • Hey, emergency services workers? You’re awesome and you do an awesome job. Thanks.
  • Danville United needs to drop the “commission” thing and become a community information group. The programs that they put on are very informative, and so few people attend.

Goodness! That’s enough RandomThoughts for now. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!


6 comments to RandomThoughts! (2/26/2015)

  • WasThereAttheBeginning

    Danville United has so few people attend their very informative programs? Could it be that they did not meet the “need” or “desires” of the very large group of people that were attending at the very beginning? As I recall, you did not attend those meetings. Although blacks outnumbered other races, there were other races there and I am sure that others would have eventually joined in. After being led down the direction City leaders preferred, they became a group for other groups to come to announce their events and lost people very quickly. They elected two ministers and lost people quickly, after all, haven’t churches failed to work together to help stamp out the problems that prompted the group to begin with? They failed to openly discuss issues so that people could obtain more of an understanding about how people are being treated, work on those problems, and then move on. It is a shame because many had high hopes. I believe that their meetings to understand how our local Police Department hires and the problems incurred in hiring minorities is a step in the right direction. It opened communication and hopefully will cause people to work together to try to correct the problems that keep diversity down. People here want their voices heard, they want others to understand problems as they see them so that we can ALL work to improve and change them. Getting things said and out in the open can lead to healing and can lead to a brighter future. It is time for Danville to visit its problems and then work on the solutions-and move on.

  • chuck

    Thanks Bruce, why not add to your list. Why is the Danville airport opened until nine pm M-F?

  • sam

    Do you know where the water problem is? No one does for sure. First it came from Ballou park. Then algae. It could be coalash. The river is full of it. It could be deer scat or poop from the bald eagles nesting along the river.

    One thing for sure; you don’t know the source!

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