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BreakDown: The Halifax County Meltdown

In the last BreakDown, I reminded you that the Halifax County government system was already broken down. We’re past that point and in full meltdown mode now.

You probably know the details by now but if you don’t, pick one of the three newspaper articles to read. Or pick them all. For the Gazette-Virginian ones, their paywall may apply unless you break through it.

News & Record: Halifax County office turmoil spills into courtroom

Gazette-Virginian: Protective order filed as controversy continues

Gazette-Virginian: ‘Alarming information’ prompts heightened security at meeting

OK. Let’s get a Meltdown-proof Big Board to put our observations on.

  • When all of this started, I asked my sources what their opinion of Robbie Love was. I got a unanimous “He’s a good guy. He’s credible. He’s got his head on straight.” I still believe his accusations against County Administrator Jim Halasz and Finance Director Stephanie Jackson but it appears that he couldn’t handle the pressure and has snapped. Totally snapped. Snapped like a timing belt on a Honda Civic with 250,000 miles on it.
  • Robbie Love started snapping the publishing night of the News & Record article where he and Kirby Saunders went on the record about Halazs & Jackson. I could tell a serious meltdown was happening because he posted this…

  • This lasted about 8 hours then he deleted it. He then recanted what he had posted above and endorsed the McLaughlin’s. There is no chance in hell that any media source could offer him anonymity on a story like that because without a named source, it’s down to Kirby Saunders vs. Halasz/Jackson and that’s not good enough for an investigative story.
  • I also find it interesting that the News & Record has never had a disclaimer that Love was working for them in some capacity for ACC basketball games. Given that the News & Record is a local-based paper and usually only reports on local sports, it makes me wonder what they were really using Love for (if anything). That’s no concern of mine, but it would have been appropriate for the News & Record to disclose that in their articles.
  • You can see that “I have more information…” line at the end isn’t the work of someone with a firm grasp on reality.
  • I have no reason to doubt Trish Barger’s conversation that led to the temporary restraining order. If Robbie Love was in Stephanie Jackson’s woods in November 2014, he gots to go. He won’t be the Halifax County planning and zoning director again.
  • Halazs is right in saying no one can provide a 100% safe workplace, but it’s quite bizarre to tell everyone that Otis Vaughan and Chad Loftis are now going to carry concealed handguns. Um… that sorta defeats the purpose of carrying a concealed handgun. In the world of reality, it also means that puts a target on them in case something was going to happen. I’ve got problem with concealed carry of handguns, but make the policy apply to all. Let’s also remember that the state police office is right next door, with the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office and Town of Halifax PD less than a mile away just in case Otis & Chad can’t get it done. Yes, I know how ridiculous this sounds too.
  • Sadly, this incident has made the 4-4 Board of Supervisors logjam pale in comparison… well, for this week. Personnel matters CAN be held in closed meeting sessions, but now this is beginning to look like a giant coverup by Team Bowman to protect Halazs & Jackson.
  • Robbie Love ain’t going to be coming back to his job. Not a chance. Kirby Saunders has moved on. Jim Halasz will survive on a 4-4 vote no matter how the Board of Supervisors logjam shakes out, but I’m betting he won’t get much support because of that same 4-4 vote. I’m also betting that Stephanie Jackson won’t be around much longer because of these “incidents”.
  • The whole damned thing is embarrassing, but everybody who is calling for “they need to clean house” is going to be highly disappointed when they realize that’s just not going to happen. All of the players in this game may be gone months from now, but not anytime soon.
  • “If Robbie Love shows up, he is to go to Matt Leonard’s office to assist in the investigation.” What the hell? “Mr. Leonard, you’ve got a disturbed guy that may have a gun that wants to meet with you.” Considering that the Riverstone building is locked down and you have to be buzzed in, I just can’t see any way that something could go wrong with that plan. Unless he’s going to apply for a job with Faneuil, of course. Heh. I’m sure that Matt Leonard really appreciates being thrown into this mess.
  • Tom McLaughlin’s editorial columns have been right on top of this situation. Paula Bryant’s columns have been about dormant savings accounts and Valentine’s Day. However, Paula has given us useful information like “The number of jewelry stores per capita is 37 times higher in Miami than in North Las Vegas, Nevada.” in her columns. Seriously.

I don’t believe this situation can get any more bizarre than it is now. Unfortunately, I believed that two weeks ago. Hoo Boy.


3 comments to BreakDown: The Halifax County Meltdown

  • Anonymous

    In only defense of n & r. Tucker does cover Acc teams in football and basketball. I’m sure Love only feels in when Tucker is unavailable.

    • Anonymous

      obviously the writer and readers of this blog don’t subscribe or closely read the N&R since early fall where Love began sports writing at VIR, Martinsville Speedway, also writing and photographing ACC basketball and football at Va Tech, Duke, Wake Forest and UNC. Not to mention the Military and Orange Bowl there are bylines as proof. He is still credible as the truth is the truth, regardless of the messenger. This whole thing is smoke and mirrors in order to tear him down and discredit him for doing the right thing and standing up to a broken corrupt local govt system.

      • I don’t pay any attention to the N&R’s sports coverage except for local sports. Covering regional sports when you only publish two times a week is a waste of time. By the time you publish, everyone already knows what happened.

        As for Love’s credibility, I stand by my above opinion. I believe his previous accusations, but he’s impeached himself now with these rants and actions.

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