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RandomThoughts! (2/11/2015)

Let’s get Random! Thoughts, that is.

That Big Ol’ Board is about to arrive…

  • Danville has a problem with stinky and bad tasting water. It’s perfectly safe to drink. I’ve had no problems with it at my house in the Halifax Rd. area. Let’s see if somebody’s stupid enough to try to link it to the coal ash spill.
  • Frances Hurt was an amazing lady and a delight to talk to. She was a true Southern woman in all sense of the phrase and will be missed in Chatham and the Southside region.
  • Bobby Marshall was also an amazing man. His charitable efforts and his successful businesses enabled the Southside region to grow and prosper. He’ll be missed as well.
  • So Senator Bill Stanley introduces a bill to start a study on whether all municipal-owned utilities should be put under the rate-case scrutiny of the State Corporation Commission just like Dominion and Appalachian are subject to. He did that for the Virginia Manufacturers Association’s request. Intertape is a member of the VMA and they’ve got a good reason to be upset about the power rates and how they affect their operations. The city quickly put a call in to Richmond’s Whitt Clement and started lobbying against this bill. It died. Even though I know the bill would handicap the city badly, I would be in favor of the bill. Taking bad and illogical advice from consultants got the city into the giant deficit that the electric fund is in now, and it would be good to have the city had to fully justify any rate increases. Oh well.
  • That was a long and not-so-random thought. Sheesh.
  • I know the answer is “A long time ago”, but when did Breyers’ ice cream (and other brands) go to 48oz cartons? Gah!
  • If somebody says “It’s so cold outside” this weekend, please remind them that it is the Middle Of Farkin’ February.
  • I bet 90% of you have never driven on Danville’s Stewart St. in your lifetime.

That’s some RandomThoughts for Wednesday. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

2 comments to RandomThoughts! (2/11/2015)

  • Harold Garrison

    Re: Stewart Street – 90% is way too low. I spent about 30 minutes walking Stewart Street last week and not a single car went down the street. This is the third time I was on Stewart Street and have yet to see another car.

  • Bill Adams

    Not only did Breyer’s decrease size many years back but they changed their formula. All cartons except Vanilla and Chocolate do not even say Ice Cream. It is now “Frozen Dairy Dessert”. That was enough to turn me to another brand.

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