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RandomThoughts! (1/28/2015)

RandomThoughts can be organized. They can also be interesting.

Did you guess that I was going to call for a Big Board?

  • My, it’s fun to tell you what the next day’s stories will be in the newspaper.
  • Here’s the next one you’ll see in a few days… “City not allowed to sell or give away salvage materials from demolished houses”
  • Anybody heard from Virginia Uranium lately?
  • Visit the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & history and the Danville Science Center. They’re both amazing.
  • Did you know that the Danville Public Library offers free passes to the museums for library card holders?
  • The City of Danville should follow South Boston’s lead and enact a law denying all rezoning requests and special use permits until back property taxes are paid up.
  • I’m waiting to hear somebody inevitably say “I didn’t pay any taxes this year, I got a refund”. My head will explode.
  • Anybody who’s that stupid is probably stupid enough to get a refund anticipation loan, too.
  • Nobody understands what Graph Search is on Facebook.
  • It may be the award-winning Galileo High School, but it will always be the old Sears building to me.

That’s some RandomThoughts! for today. You know the drill with the comments below.

We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

3 comments to RandomThoughts! (1/28/2015)

  • Gracie

    I have heard from Va Uranium … U may see them and hear about them in the coming months again

  • Jerry

    Random Thought: Is the Danvile KMart amazing? Even more than Toys R Us, every year we hear rumors of it closing. I heard them this year at Christmas as well…..and…….it’s still open. These rumors have happened on a yearly basis since Wal Mart came to town in the early 90s.

  • Chris Tuck

    I too see Galileo High School as the old Sears building

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