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Thumbs! (The Holiday Special Edition)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Thumbsmas!

Lots of Christmas things are happening around the SouthsideCentral region. Let’s get some Thumbs! going to tell you about them… Big Board!

  • Thumbs UP! to Von Wellington and his Well Works Visual Arts non-profit group. Von’s an excellent photographer and he’s using his non-profit arm to give back to the community. He’s doing a special Christmas photo shoot fundraiser at Yanceyville’s Gunn Memorial Library on Thursday, December 18th (Click the link to see the flyer).
  • Thumbs UP! to Danville’s Ascension Lutheran Church and their 57th annual Chrismon Tree. Each ornament is part of the story of Christ and the tree is elegantly beautiful. It’s a must-see destination this (and every holiday season). Make your way to 314 West Main Street in the nest few weeks to see it. Here’s their website to learn more about it.
  • Thumbs UP! to Danville’s Parks & Recreation department for putting together the Community Holiday Light Show in Ballou Park. It starts on Monday, December 15th. The city and lots of volunteer groups are putting together the light show that you can drive through and see. Here’s the website for more information on that.
  • Sadly, I’ve got to put a Thumbs DOWN! on the admission charge for that show. It originally started at $10 for cars and $15 for vans, and it;s now dropped to $7. That’s too much. Since the effort comes from city workers as part of the Parks & Recreation department’s regular duties and a lot of volunteer work, I would have a hard time charging any admission at all. Although part of the proceeds are going to the charities listed on the website, I feel that voluntary donation would have been the way to go for this.

That’s a set of Holiday Special Edition Thumbs! for you. More coming up on SouthsideCentral!


1 comment to Thumbs! (The Holiday Special Edition)

  • Nicole H.

    I agree, $7.00 is a thumb’s down. I did look at the list of “charities” which includes groups like the YMCA and a student government organization, neither of which qualify as charities in my book. It’s Christmas, why not give this as a gift to the city, ask for donations of cash or canned food and give the proceeds to the Salvation Army, God’s Storehouse, and the Community Christmas Dinner? These groups are working hard this time of year to fill the needs of many, many people and this would have given the City a chance to show some goodwill. Oh, I forgot, it doesn’t involve the River District so why do they care?

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