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So who starts these stupid rumors?

I want you to take a look at the direct evidence of somebody posting a complete lie on Facebook about this “purge” crap. After that, take a look at the way that they try to add darkness and conspiracy.

It’s farkin’ shameful for somebody to lie like this directly and so blatantly.

The name has been redacted. This is an adult female and not a child.

That is a direct lie. This woman is telling people that she got an automated call from the school saying guns and knives found. That never happened. This person is lying .

Later, she goes on to say…

Now she’s trying to spread a conspiracy theory that the school system and law enforcement are covering things like this up. This is shameful.

Folks, this woman lives in the area and shows no remorse for adding to this idiotic hysteria. How many more of these types of people are there?





9 comments to So who starts these stupid rumors?

  • Lulu

    It’s a beautiful day Bruce!!!! Thanks for keeping it straight!!!! I enjoy reading your opinions and others. Perfect attendance at school by my child.

  • Jim

    A certain segment of the population will not be denied today’s drama in their life. Facts and logic mean nothing; far more important are the wild suppositions that someone’s friend’s bother-in-law’s daughter heard from somebody who, in turn, heard it from “someone in the know” at the police department, or the school board, or the rescue squad, or the fire department. Throw in some raw meat for the black helicopter / tin foil hat crowd (“they’re trying to keep it quiet and pretend there’s nothing going on”) and you’ve got Christmas morning for those who like to stir the puddin’, and for those who seem to thrive off this nonsense.

    They don’t want a voice of reason, they want drama, and here comes Bruce crapping all over their parade! Oh the humanity!

  • p parrett

    I had a student that stayed home from middle school tell me today that only 4 students showed up at GW today and LOTS of guns and knives found in lockers. I didn’t believe it but shell be one to start those rumors. I called her out.

  • Faye

    I work at GW and NO GUNS, KNIVES or anything else was found in lockers or anywhere else….Classes were small but students that are serious about their education attended and we had a wonderful day

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