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PhotoCentral: Friday’s “Stand with Ferguson” Rally

This PhotoCentral isn’t showing support nor opposition to this rally’s cause. It’s simply a PhotoCentral on what happened Friday.

Sometimes news photos are just news photos.

I firmly believe that ALL life matters, not just black life. That being said, I covered this like I would any other newsworthy event.

I was highly impressed with Marcus Hughes because he was nowhere as bombastic as he is on social media. He got the proper permits and held a peaceful rally on public property. There was no shouting, no yelling and no in-your-face attitude.

I have my own opinions and you do too. Hopefully we can all agree that we highly support people’s rights to free speech and to peacefully assemble.


20 comments to PhotoCentral: Friday’s “Stand with Ferguson” Rally

  • Jerome Holman

    This rally appears to be very mild considering the reasons behind it. This speaks volumes of those Danville residents who participated in a peaceful manner. The highly charged Ferguson riots which exploded on an isolated street and spilled over into shops, gas stations, shopping stores, resulting in several arrests, and a media storm that has been on the front page of every news outlet in America. SouthsideCentral really doesn’t have to justify it’s reason for reporting. Once you do that, you give others your power, and manipulate you they will. As you’ve already stated, you have the right to your own opinion, as does everyone else. As a reader, all we can expect is fair reporting… and the truth. Thanks for the pixs.

  • Lee Smallwood

    I think this rally was commendable. It hurt a lot to see the hate that got spewed on Facebook over it.

  • I wish there was a like button: article well done – and is seems, as you say, whether you agree or not, they conducted their rally with dignity and quiet pride. Kudos.

  • mh

    I guess you feel the need to substantiate yourself with your readers. Maybe you feel like you’ll be judged as taking a side not favorable to that which you choose to portray yourselves? You seem to have no problem voicing your opinions on other pages here. Maybe your over emphasis on lack of opinion with this story just is as good as you not really caring, but feeling the need to cover something else in your community to not seem impartial? No need to fake it. You still cant help yourselves from pointing out the “race card” in commenting they may be only about preserving black life, they are not ignorant to the fact that many black youths die disproportionally to whites. Did you know that blacks once protested and marched peacefully in the face of opposition, you know, water cannons, racial epitaphs, death threats, and the like, and whites were not so “peaceful”? Thanks for pointing out how well behaved they were.

    I’m white and your diversity sucks. Another humdrum existence in Southside, VA.

  • Sheila

    Actually, when I saw an article about the event my first thought was” wish I had known about it”. I am sure that there are others, just like me, that would have joined in.

  • Danvilleislacking

    I can’t figure out what they are protesting?there has been NO finding one way or the other in this case.

  • David

    I was one of those that were out there Friday at the “protest” and would like to commend Mr. Hughes for standing up, speaking up, and organizing this endeavor! It was not a simple protest but an act of solidarity that said we identify with the frustration and anger of the people of Ferguson, MO, the parents of Michael Brown, and all those who see the injustice if this killing, among so many others. Police involved killings of black and brown people are so disproportionate when compared to all the other demographics of our country, and it seems that 99% of the time the officer is assumed to be justified in that killing. Why this is the norm is enough to protest! No matter what people think about Michael Brown and anything that happened prior to his encounter with Officer Wilson, this young man should not be dead right now! There were alternatives and other ways this incident could have been handled. If those people in Ferguson had not protested, this shooting would probably have been filed as another justified police shooting without any accountability whatsoever on anybody’s part. Sometimes you have to speak loud and let authority know that they will no longer treat you as 2nd class citizens or in some cases lower than animals.

    • Jerome Holman

      I don’t know you David, but that was very well stated. Still, before rushing to judgement all the facts in this case needs to be investigated, and the findings scrutinized. Only then does real justice have a chance to be served.

    • TooLongOfAName

      I take it you are also going to protest the disproportionate amount of Black on white crimes compared to the white on black crimes. Surely you are about protesting the injustice no matter what color correct?

      Editors Note: I changed the “name” on this comment because it was too long.

      • Lee Smallwood

        Which of those offenses involve someone acting under color of law? This is a repugnant attempt to race bait the conversation and ample proof that it’s not “just the black people” as so many claim who engage in that tactic.

  • David

    Exactly Lee, that is the nonsense that keeps us from having a legitimate conversation on these matters. Furthermore, nine times out of ten, the perp in the black on white crime goes directly to jail. they do not pass GO and have no get out of jail free card! (Monopoly)

  • David

    And Jerome, I agree with you that the facts of the case needs to be investigated thoroughly and on the level for true justice to be served. How many of you are willing to bet the farm that it would not have gotten the scrutiny and the careful deliberation if the people of Ferguson hadn’t done what they did and protested?

  • David

    4 Aces, what you got? Lol

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