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The Eagle Has Cracked

RandomThoughts articles sometimes lead to interesting discussions. One recent one led to Danville’s Masonic Temple building, so I did a little recon work today…

If you drive by, walk by or think about the Masonic temple building, you’ll notice that there’s a majestic stone sculpture of an eagle high above the building’s entrance.

But it’s not so majestic anymore once you take a look at it up close…

Now that’s a damned shame.

More coming up on SouthsideCentral.


3 comments to The Eagle Has Cracked

  • Lee Smallwood

    I see the rust stain down the front which is sad and very much correctable, but I think what you’re considering cracks are actually a part of the design. It doesn’t look as nice up close, but that’s sometimes the nature of things designed to be viewed from a distance.

  • Jerry

    Very sad. But thanks so much for providing the best Southside coverage.

  • Pitt-native

    I agree, it’s not cracked. Those are individual pieces that were put together to make the large sculptor. Think what it would weigh if it were one piece, and mounted over the entrance!

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