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UPDATED: Fire destroys garbage trucks in Halifax County

(Editor’s note: We’ve updated this article with the complete story.)

We’re waiting on official statements from Halifax County authorities on this, but here’s what we know as of now…

This is a developing news story, so we’ll tell you what we have so far. If details change, we’ll update the article.

The Breaking News Big Board is coming in…

  • Around 1:30AM Saturday morning, emergency calls came in about a fire at the Halifax County Public Works shop located at 1090 Landfill Lane in the Scottsburg area (right off of Rt. 360 – Bethel Rd.)
  • Large explosions were heard up to five miles away. Added: These explosions were the tires popping due to the fire.
  • Multiple fire departments were called to the scene. Added: Four fire departments (Halifax, South Boston, Scottsburg, Triangle) responded with a total of 9 trucks and 24 firefighters.
  • We have reports of three or four garbage trucks destroyed by the fire. Four garbage trucks were destroyed.
  • No word yet on property damage, but we’re assuming it’s substantial. No other property damage in the fire, because the trucks were parked away from the buildings.
  • No injuries reported. Added: No injuries, confirmed.
  • Added: The preliminary cause of the fire is “accidental”
  • Added: Damage is estimated at $900,000 and the county is insured through the Virginia Municipal League.

We’ll update this story when we learn more. We’ve got pretty much of it all covered now.



3 comments to UPDATED: Fire destroys garbage trucks in Halifax County

  • bunny

    The GV has a story up with quotes from Ricky Nelson from the county public works dept and from Sheriff Clark. The explosions were the tires exploding. Four of the five trucks were destroyed by fire.

  • Lee Smallwood

    I presume this is going to end up being a similar cause to whatever caused the ambulance fire out in Brosville or wherever that happened? I had no idea that large service vehicles were in danger of spontaneous combustion.

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