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UPDATED: The Rest Of The Story – (7/23/2014)

Sometimes, the “local media” (or even the Register & Bee) won’t go in depth with details and fun facts about a story. That’s why I’m starting a new feature category, because I believe I’ll be noticing these incidents much more.

UPDATE #1: This story was later assigned to reporter Allison Roberts who usually does a good job on her crime beat. Here, she gets statistics on kids left in hot cars that are immediately blown out of the water by our friend Lee Smallwood (who points out that the bathtub is statistically much more dangerous to children than a hot car). Our reporter also fails to check out yesterday’s weather summary that shows that the high temperature only got to 87 degrees. Factchecking. A lost art.

Surprisingly, we’re not talking about the “local media” today. It’s only the Register & Bee…

Kids in hot car spur police investigation

We can only blame “GoDanRiver Staff” for this one. Anyway, I had this story yesterday but didn’t really think it was worth much simply because no charges were filed and the children weren’t hurt. Yeah, it wasn’t a smart thing to do but it’s not like leaving a baby inside a car with the windows up. If charges had been filed then, I’d probably have ran a “Dumbass of the Day” article.

Here’s just a few Fun Facts to complete “The Rest Of The Story”…

  • Quite sadly yet hilariously, one of the people put their open beer bottle on top of the car before they went in. Hey now, give them credit. They didn’t want the kids drinking their beer.
  • The police actually fingerprinted the beer bottle and took lots of photos making it look like a real crime scene.
  • The beer was Bud Light Platinum (which should be a crime all by itself).
  • Finally, the man involved in this came out of the building and saw the police presence. He then went back inside and watched from the windows for a while.

And there you have The Rest Of The Story. Be ready for a SouthsideCentral “Dumbass of the Day” article if charges are filed.


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