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RandomThoughts! (7/20/2014)

I realized it had been a while since I had some thoughts. Random ones, that is.

I’ve got thoughts of a Big Board…

  • I took a tour of US Green Energy on Thursday. I’m working on the photos & the writeup and hope to publish it soon, but I’ve got my doubts about the company’s ability to make it. I’m never going to write anything less than the truth about how I feel, though.
  • If you’ve never taken a drive out through the industrial park across from Mt. Hill Mini Mart, it’s worth the drive to see what’s going on. And what’s not going on.
  • Swedwood isn’t “Swedwood” any more, they changed their name to “Ikea” something.
  • Stupid Complaint Of The Month: People are bitching that Danville Mall is taking down some of the big photos because new stores are opening up.
  • Stupid people are still letting their children play in the JTI fountain.
  • Time Machine Thought of the Day: Who remembers “The Victorian” restaurant on North Main St.?
  • I’ve never been to a really bad “Little Theatre” type of play.
  • If you don’t poke small holes into good Italian sausages before you put them on the grill, they become dangerous weapons when you finally poke small holes into them.
  • If you don’t poke small holes into Italian sausages when grilling them, they can explode.
  • The horrible feeling you get from eating too many grilled Italian sausages is worth it.

That’s a few RandomThoughts for Sunday. More coming up on SouthsideCentral!



6 comments to RandomThoughts! (7/20/2014)

  • Centurian

    The Victorian owned by Patsy and Chuck Setliff. Just recently was sold and they retired to Hilton Head I believe. The restaurant was rumoured to be haunted!

  • Jerry

    Random Thought….what is the city going to do about the mural that faces the Main St. bridge? I was down there on Saturday, it’s definitely starting to show signs of wear. If it goes another 2 years without touchup, it will not be something to showcase the city. Don’t believe me? Walk up to it and take a close look. You’ll see the chips starting to form.

  • Beender

    I completely agree with you about the Italian sausages!! Yum!!

  • trevoe

    when is Danville public schools going to get a central office and stop playing musical buildings? why don’t they move into one of the schools they closed? surelly this would open up room needed in the future. of course the public would be up in arms cause if u can reopen it as an administrative building then why didn’t they leave open as a school? best to have more room than not enuf.

  • Nicole

    In the special Progress section in the paper today there is a picture of 2 children playing in the fountain, apparently the reporters don’t read their own reports and thought a picture encouraging bad behavior would help the situation.

  • Jim

    Nicole, you just gave me a brainstorm. I’m thinking that remote control alligator that I’ve been eyeballing might now actually give me enough enjoyment to justify the cost! Where’s my credit card?

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