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Danville School Board LIVE! (7/8/14)

And we’re done. This article is complete. Thanks for making this another terrific SouthsideCentral day!


That’s right, folks! SouthsideCentral is going to start covering meetings of the Danville School Board, and we’ll be doing it LIVE! Tonight’s meeting starts at 7 PM and we’ll start our LIVE! coverage around 6:30 PM. Remember to refresh the page often for the latest happenings and photos.

LIVE! coverage starts around 6:30 PM.

Sharon Dones & Steven Gould will take their oath of office tonight as new school board members, and Philip Campbell will start his second four-year term.

6:30 PM – Two people in the audience. What a difference from last time.

Nameplates up for Sharon Dones and Steven Gould.

I was going to do a public comment, but acting superintendent Kathy Osborne has already addressed my concern. Wow.

Everybody's almost ready for the meeting to begin.

Tonight’s gallery.


And we’re about ready to start.

Ed Polhamus reelected as chairman. Philip Campbell nominates Renee Hughes for vice-chairman. Steven Gould nominates Terri Hall. Terri Hall wins on a 4-3 vote. Well, that wasn’t a harmonious start. The vote was right on the same dividing line as before.

School board meetings will now be on 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 6PM.

We’re having major connection issues in this dungeon. Ugh. We will have Wi-Fi available next meeting. Thanks, Dr. Osborne!

disciplinary meetings will be scheduled at a later date.

No public comments from the gallery tonight.

Acting Superintendent Kathy Osborne introduces the new organization chart. Lots of blah blah title changes and no new positions.

7:20 PM – Still going through job title changes.

Steven Gould tries to pin Osborne down on these “savings” and gets his answer on the second time around.

Cheryl Bryant pulls two personnel decisions from the consent agenda to be discussed in closed session. These positions are numbered and not referred by name, so I have no idea who Bryant didn’t like.

Tanya Jackson to remain as Johnson principal, reversing an earlier decision. “We need her in the school more.”

Second assistant principal position restored at Westwood.

Physical trainer from DOAR contract is continued at $24 per hour.

Student code of conduct is unchanged from last year and approved.

Renee Hughes looks bemused with her iPad after being steamrolled in the vice chair election.

Amazingly, a sound system is being used tonight. That would have came in handy at the last meeting. I wonder where it was. Hmm.

Danville Public Schools is introducing a new website tonight for recruiting teachers. Go to to check it out. Also at

Click on that link now to see the new site! Then come back for more.

7:50 PM – Around the horn session. Kathy Osborne says summertime isn’t downtime for schools anymore.

Steven Gould thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Nice politically correct way of ignoring the fact that he and Sharon Dones were locked out of the Newsome situation until the very end.

Sharon Dones speaks nicely about being elected.

Cheryl Bryant thanks the audience for being here.

Philip Campbell says the job is a labor of love and time as well. He also mentions the death of a GW student.

Terri Hall speaks about vice-chair and I see a cold reaction from Dones, Hughes and Campbell.

Renee Hughes speaks with more grace than I would.

Ed Polhamus closes the meeting with the same thing that everyone else talked about.

Closed session coming up and we’re done. Thanks for reading our first LIVE! Danville School Board meeting coverage here at SouthsideCentral.

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