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UPDATED: QuickHits! (5/25/2014)

Here’s a quick rundown of some links and stories that caught our eye this Sunday morning…


And that’s some QuickHits for you this morning. Enjoy!

UPDATE #1: I’ve just been told by a well-informed source that the Farmer’s Foods grocery store in South Boston has been sold to a company out of Maryland and all of the employees will keep their jobs. I’ll see what I can find out about that this coming week.



5 comments to UPDATED: QuickHits! (5/25/2014)

  • Rachel E. Brachman

    719 graduated in GW’s Class of 1974…I think we hold the record for the largest class.

  • Jerry

    You make a good point about G.W. and the size of the class. You know what would be interesting? To see how many kids pay tuition from out-of-City to go to G.W.

    It’s probably impossible for the younger generation to believe, but up until the late 80s, plenty of “elite” kids in the Tunstall and Dan River school districts paid tuition so their kids could go to G.W. G.W. was years ahead of any high school in the county.

    Could you imagine a kid in the Tunstall district paying tuition to go to G.W. today? It would never happen.

  • Patrick Bateman

    What’s the graduation rate? 224 out of how many?

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