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Time Machine: Happy Trails, Web Parts (Again)!

We’re going to hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine. If you need aspirin or batteries, I suggest you get them now. They’re not going to be for sale in vending machines where we’re going.

Push that red button marked “Job Bust”, please…

Web Parts still looking for trained workers

Welcome to August 2013. Don’t worry, Brad Mainland is still coming back to Danville and he’ll finish the construction on his new building. The restaurant will be good to go and his vending machines will be stocked with everything that you’ll need for a downtown Danville shopping trip. As you well know, shoppers and visitors to downtown Danville need things like aspirin and batteries. Brad Mainland’s plans for Danville have just been misconstrued. He’s really going to create 200 jobs with his computer company. Just let him and his wife have their baby and he’ll be back in town to make everything sparkly with rainbows! Let’s go back to the present, shall we?

That was a quick trip. Hey look, we got NOTHIN’! The economic development folks have retaken Mainland’s building because he didn’t make the payments on it. I’m shocked. Shocked, I say! This was a total piece of horsecrap from the beginning and this guy fleeced the area for loads of money. WE CALLED IT!

This entire process was horsecrap from the beginning yet people still believed that this jerk was going to pull off his ridiculous promises and ideas. He knew what he was doing, folks. He took advantage of an economically depressed area and a Tobacco Commission that hands out cash like it was candy. I’d love to get any economic development person to interview on this but they seem to have no comment. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. Maybe they’ll be able to catch Brad Mainland and at least get some of the money back or park his sleazy con-man butt in prison for his lies.

Or just maybe he’s going to get away with this after all…

8 comments to Time Machine: Happy Trails, Web Parts (Again)!

  • Buddy

    I hope Southside Central will keep a running tab showing the cumulative effect of all these scam artists. Word has really gotten around that we in Southside are what they used to call β€œan easy lay.”

  • Hmmm…a certain economic development employee, the one particularly tasked with keeping up with Mr. Mainland, recently departed Danville as well, probably to avoid the questions that would inevitably come from this very situation.

    We all know what comes next…Mainland leaves the main land. If he defaulted on the building, does anyone really think he’s going to come through with a pay back on the million? Oh, please! The money is gone. The jobs never materialized and some really good local folks took some painful kicks to the groin for believing the promises he and the city made. That. Is. All.

  • Lee Vogler

    Unfortunately, this was a deal that was already in motion by the time I took office but I, like a lot of people, had serious concerns about this project from the start. Then last year when some of us on council asked to have a face to face with Mr. Mainland, I left that meeting feeling even worse. This was a scam from the get go and now he’s working on getting the same sweetheart deal up in Ohio.

    I am hopeful that the legal process will play out in a positive way for the city but I’m afraid that we’ll find him out of the country before that can happen…

  • Jim

    One stop shopping! Every media report on Brad Mainland’s apparent fleecing of Danville, from the glorious first reports of his arrival in Danville where he would hire 200 employees, to the news that moving vans had cleared out his house/office while he hightailed it to Ohio, has been assembled here:

    You might even find the term “horsecrap” in a linked article or two! πŸ˜‰

  • Jim

    Thanks for your diligence on this matter, Lee! I’m confident that you’ll remain aware of this matter and do whatever you can to see it to a positive conclusion.

  • Sorry to say several other of these deals will end the same way, some that were done recently.
    But let’s all put our head in the sand and look forward.
    Council does not have a clue.
    They are as responsible as the funding source.

  • Lee Smallwood

    Wow. I worked for an IT company in the past with a lot of ugly failed projects, but we at least had two really good products that were used nationally and in Europe (I built databases for those products). It appears in my comment at GDR I gave Mainland way too much credit. I guess I know now why I never heard from him when I offered in a strictly off books no charge way any assistance I could offer in terms of talking out IT topics.

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