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Let’s (not) talk about sex (businesses)

The apathy of Pittsylvania County residents fails to surprise me yet again.

Public mum on adult stores

Remember the outrage and furor when Pittsylvania County government tried to shut down those two adult-oriented businesses?  Lots of people deservedly mocked the Board of Supervisors and the code enforcement officials about their failed effort. Lovely Lady Lingerie had been around for a very long time before county government “noticed” them in the Big Sex Sweep that was started when Trish Post opened her business on Franklin Turnpike. That didn’t matter, they all gots to go! They’re EVIL! (insert my eyeroll here)

The county attorney realized that there really wasn’t a damned thing that could be done about the exiting businesses and the Big Sex Sweep was ended quickly. So that happened, and the next big thing is to establish laws so that those types of businesses can be semi-regulated. So the Planning Commission came up with an ordinance proposal and it was time for the vociferous supporters of these businesses to come out and take a stand that county government needed to lighten up and realize that sex wasn’t a horrible thing…

So that happened… Thud. Nobody showed up to speak. Maybe somebody should have said that the meeting was going to be about uranium mining. That topic is guaranteed to get at five people out to pontificate at the podium. Yeah, I know. It’s always the same five people… but hey, they’re predictable.

Nice going, young people of Pittsylvania County. You showed your Facebook support of these businesses. Too bad that’s the only kind of support for that type of business that you showed.

3 comments to Let’s (not) talk about sex (businesses)

  • Bunny Propst

    Just my opinion, but public hearings are usually a formality. All the minds have been made up. I have never been to a public hearing yet (in Halifax County) that any remark made there made the slightest bit of difference.

  • Lee Smallwood

    Bruce, did you ever think perhaps the support of these businesses came from the fact that there was no legitimate basis for what the county did? What they county is doing now is appropriate and in line with what they are permitted to do. I wasn’t there for one because I don’t really see anything to oppose there. I’m not trying to turn Pittsylvania County into the adult entertainment hub of the upper-South/mid-Atlantic region. The two businesses that have been set up are grandfathered. Any new businesses have to clear appropriate hurdles. That’s fine.

  • Insign Scrulu

    Can anyone explain the term semi-regulated ?? Young people showing support for this business on social media isn’t such a bad thing, but the best support (besides attending these meetings) comes from patronizing the business…A nice gift purchased from there, and mailed to the council, just may lighten their mood and speak volumes in the place of showing up in person…

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