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Endorsement: Danny Marshall for 14th District House of Delegates

SouthsideCentral wraps up our endorsements for the Virginia House of Delegates by endorsing Danny Marshall in the 14th District.

Danny Marshall is looking for his seventh term in the House of Delegates and for the first time, he’s drawn two opponents. He’s being challenged by Danville’s Gary Miller (D) and Henry County’s Mary Martin (I). Marshall has ran his typical “running on his record” campaign which always leaves his opponents with very little to challenge him on. True to form, that’s happened yet again.

Let’s quickly mention and dispose of Mary Martin’s campaign. No funding, no visibility, no chance. Thanks for playing. Now, we move to Gary Miller. Miller is a very intelligent man who knows how government works as he currently sits on Danville City Council. Although Miller is running as a Democrat and is seen as more liberal, his campaign has branded him as “Danny Marshall Light”, with Miller’s call to expand Medicaid being the main difference between him and Marshall. Miller’s campaign started to get desperate in the final weeks, trying to call Marshall out for not leading the efforts to bring jobs to the region. We have no idea what Miller was talking about, as we’ve seen Danny Marshall involved on every big job announcement around. We’d have no problem voting for Gary Miller as my delegate if Danny Marshall wasn’t running for reelection and we hope he tries again for higher office soon.

Danny Marshall knows the ropes of the General Assembly and I’ve always been impressed with his willingness to break Republican party ranks when it comes time to make tough decisions. Marshall is approachable and his constituent service efforts have never let me down. His seat on the Tobacco Commission is also important to Southside’s potential job prospects.

Danny Marshall has done an excellent job in the past six terms for SouthsideVA, and SouthsideCentral strongly believes that he will continue to lead the region’s delegation in Richmond. We give Danny Marshall our highest endorsement and encourage all 14th district voters to return him to Richmond for a well-deserved seventh term.

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