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Endorsement: Les Adams for 16th District House of Delegates

Les Adams has done everything that’s needed to show us that he’ll make a good Delegate in Virginia’s General Assembly.

When Don Merricks decided not to run for re-election, SouthsideVA lost a good man in the House of Delegates. Les Adams stepped up and won the Republican primary in a dominating vote and hasn’t lost any of that momentum in the campaign. As we said before in our updates, Adams has ran his first campaign professionally and quietly. He’s gotten his message out and seems to be a clone of Don Merricks (and there’s nothing wrong one bit about that). First-time candidates are expected to make mistakes along the way, but Adams hasn’t even had a moderate misstep.

SouthsideCentral is disappointed that Adams’ Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Jones, failed to make her campaign competitive. Jones had the potential to make a decent run against Adams, but her campaign quickly devolved into a “Republicans are the problem with America and Les Adams is a Republican”. That bizarre strategy never caught any traction because party affiliation never has meant much to voters in the 16th District. 16th District voters seem to strongly get behind candidates that are conservative in nature and Jones never got around to saying why she’d make a better choice.

We don’t expect much from any first-term delegate, but we’ve got a strong feeling that Les Adams’ relative quietness masks his desire to “get things done”. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Adams get appointed to committees that will be beneficial to the interests of SouthsideVA.

SouthsideCentral strongly believes that Les Adams is the strongest candidate in this race and we give Adams our strong endorsement. We highly encourage 16th District voters to continue the style of Don Merricks-type representation by voting for him on November 5th.

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