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Endorsement: Mike Mondul for Danville City Sheriff

We’ll continue our Endorsement Week at SouthsideCentral by focusing on the race for Sheriff of Danville. Mike Mondul won his first term four years ago and he’s the man to vote for in this election.

Four years ago we highly recommended Mike Mondul because we thought he was a law enforcement professional and would do a great job as Sheriff. We were absolutely right with Mondul fulfilling all of his campaign promises and being a quite-visible leader in the community. Mondul is running for his second term and we can’t see anything that’s changed in the last four years. Mondul’s leadership of his department and his staff’s dedication to him says a lot, and Mondul’s push for community activism influences the community quite positively.

Mondul’s challenger this year is Silas Crews, who’s currently a Danville police officer. As a first time public office seeker, Crews’ campaign has been plagued with gaffes and the inevitable invisibility of low funding. While we have no doubt of Crews ability to do his current job well, he’s way outmatched when compared to Mondul for this election.

Mike Mondul has done an excellent job as Danville City Sheriff and is quite worthy of being elected to another term. SouthsideCentral gives Mike Mondul our highest endorsement and strongly encourages all Danville voters to re-elect him as Danville City Sheriff.

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