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Endorsement: Jimmy Gillie for Danville Commissioner of Revenue

Endorsement Week rolls along and we’ve got nothing but great words for a candidate that’s running unopposed yet again.

Most people never know what the commissioner of Revenue does until you need the office’s services. I’ve needed problem resolving and needed to know the procedures of making sure that SouthsideCentral had the proper business licensing to exist. The team at Danville’s Commissioner of Revenue’s office has always gotten me what I needed (and more that I didn’t ask for) in a fast and highly friendly manner. When you have a team that functions like that, a lot of it comes from the leadership. Jimmy Gillie is running for another four-year term as Commissioner of Revenue and absolutely deserves it. I can’t remember the last time that he had a challenger. If he had a challenger this year, it wouldn’t matter to me. Gillie is highly approachable, friendly and knows his stuff.

SouthsideCentral gives Jimmy Gillie our highest endorsement and we strongly urge all Danville voters to give him a courtesy vote of support to thank him for the amazing work that he and his team do everyday.

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