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Endorsement: Michael Newman for Danville’s Commonwealth’s Attorney

We’re going to start rolling out our 2013 election endorsements this week. In this one, I’m going to eat a big plate of crow for the last time.

Michael Newman is running for his second term as Danville’s Commonwealth’s Attorney unopposed this time. On his first run office, he clearly defeated 2 other challengers and actually pulled a majority of the vote. During that election, SouthsideCentral endorsed both of his opponents because we thought Newman was arrogant and showed too much aggression to his challengers. We felt that it was time for a new attitude in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and we thought Newman would not be a good fit for the job.

Damn. We were wrong. We blew it.

Michael Newman turned out to be a great Commonwealth’s Attorney on all fronts. Newman is indeed aggressive when he tries a case, but he also is quite fair when it comes to sentencing recommendations. I’ve watched him prosecute a case in Circuit Court and he’s one of the most professional prosecutors that I’ve ever seen, devoting his full attention to the proceedings and never being distracted in the least. Newman’s team of prosecutors do their job relatively flawlessly and there’s no operational issues there.

Newman also surprised us by endorsing the idea of a “drug court” for rehabilitation purposes. Although there’s currently no funding for that idea now or in the near future, it’s refreshing to see the chief prosecutor understand that throwing everybody in jail isn’t the best solution. Newman also pleasantly surprised us by being very open to the media and having an open door to the public for any concerns.

Michael Newman doesn’t have any challengers for this election and will win a second four-year term. If he had drawn any challengers, it probably wouldn’t have been any obstacle to his well-deserved re-election. SouthsideCentral was very wrong last time and we’re going to rectify that error in this election.

SouthsideCentral gives Michael Newman our highest endorsement and we ask for every Danville voter to give him a well-deserved courtesy vote to show him what a great job he has done over the past four years.

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