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We’re not merging, we’re just sorta merging.

LifePoint continues to add to their medical specialty of DoubleTalk…

Memorial, Danville hospitals team up

In other words… “We’re doing a pretty-good sized reorganization, but we’re not quite sure how this reorganization and extra level of management will work. ”

Oh, that should be very reassuring to everybody around, eh? I’m sure that the workers are 100% secure about their jobs when Eric Deaton said he expects no job cuts at either hospital. I seem to have heard that before from the previous 93 LifePoint Danville Regional Medical Center administrators as well as from Deaton himself. Forgive me for my degree of skepticism on that line.

I’m not sure if Deaton will be replaced in Danville because the press release throws the terms “chief executive officer” and “chief operating officer” around like we’re supposed to know what they mean. Sometimes, I don’t know what they mean and I’m betting that most of the employees don’t.

I’m not sure how adding a layer of management will make things go better… but I’ll trust LifePoint because of their stellar track record of doing everything perfectly at Danville Regional Medical Center up to now. Nothing could possibly go wrong. All is well. Remain calm. The boat is just listing to the side because it’s designed to sail better that way. There are no American troops in Baghdad. Be sure to buy your round-trip tickets on the Hindenburg. Don’t panic.

2 comments to We’re not merging, we’re just sorta merging.

  • Buddy Rawley

    Gentlemen this sounds a little to harsh for me. DRMC under Mr. Deaton’s leadership has made great strides in serving our community.

    • Didn’t we say the same thing about Jerel Humphrey’s leadership? One day, he’s on the stage making remarks of how he loves Danville at the DCC golf tournament and the next week, he’s gone and left the area for good. I’m not the only one who just doesn’t trust the hospital management, considering the revolving door that has been in place since the takeover.

      Let’s get real, DRMC finally took an interest in the Gretna area only when Centra announced their plans… then Lifepoint had the gall to try and block Centra’s efforts using the Certificate of Public Need process. Deaton’s a nice guy, but he’s a company man who’s always surrounded by 2 PR people to make sure everything goes perfect in his rehearsed statements. That fact right there simply makes me wary.

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