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Time Machine: (Race) Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Today, we’re going to do something to the local race pimping community that rarely happens. We’re going to look back at a “developing situation” that they showcased and see what was accomplished. It’s time to hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine.

Let’s go back over six months in time, shall we?

Racial tensions cited at Hughes Center

Over six months ago, we had Avon Keen, Willie Fitzgerald and “more than a dozen black leaders in the community” hold a press conference about the “racial discrimination” that was supposedly happening at the Hughes Center. Of course, we had no specific claims of anything happening except for that penguin doll that was put on a tree. (Penguin activists were not invited to the press conference.) Over six months later, what do we have from this manufactured outrage?

Diddly Squat. That’s what we’ve got. We got nothin’. Not a damned thing. Is anybody really surprised?

It’s OK, though. The local Race Pimps had a plan “B” if nothing came out of this (because rarely does anything come out of these things…) Take a look at the next-to-last paragraph in the article…

Fitzgerald and Keen said the main reason they are bringing these complaints to light is to let the business community know that racially discrimination and insensitivity should not be tolerate (sic).

Well gee. Thanks for that, guys. Is there really anybody who believes that racial discrimination and insensitivity should be a great cause for an office party? Well, besides Fred Ingram, who got busted for calling Obama a “nigger” in his restaurant. Good Ol’ Boy Fred apologized to Willie Fitzgerald and the Pittsylvania County NAACP about that and got himself a Free Pass.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Yes. We have racists in this area. They’re slowly dying out and all of us should instantly condemn all racist behavior and talk on-the-spot and directly to the person who does it. That being said, Race Pimps should be an endangered species as well.

In my perfect world where racism is non-existent, Race Pimps will be finding other employment because there’s no need for them. Until my perfect world exists, Race Pimps will continue to attempt to divide and cause strife because it protects their “job”. That’s a damned sorry fact and it showed here at the Hughes Center.

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