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Two new robberies and one old one.

Overnight, Danville police are reporting two armed robberies of convenience stores. That also reminded me of one other attempted robbery that happened last year in the same area, so let’s look at what happened last night and then we’ll get a reminder of what happened last year…

Let’s start with what happened overnight. Here’s the official statement from the Danville police department…

On 12-28-12 at approximately 10:34pm, officers responded to the Fas Mart, 565 Piney Forest Road, in reference to an armed robbery. The clerk reported that a black male entered the store, pointed a handgun at her and demanded the money. After giving the suspect money from the cash register, he fled the business on foot. He is described as approximately 5’3” tall wearing a brown hoodie, black leather jacket, gloves and had a dark bandanna over his face. During the robbery, a second suspect described as a dark skinned black male approximately 6’00” tall wearing a black hoodie, gloves, dark jeans with a white bandanna covering his face, held the door to the business open and acted as a look-out while the robbery was occurring. No shots were fired and no injuries were reported.

On 12-28-12 at approximately 11:10pm, officers responded to the Wilco store, 1264 South Boston Road, in reference to another armed robbery. Employees reported that a light skinned black male wearing a black hoodie and a red bandanna around his face entered the business, pointed a handgun at them and demanded the money. A second suspect described as a dark skinned black male held the door open and acted as a look-out while the robbery was occurring. After getting the money from the cash register, both suspects fled the scene on foot. No shots were fired and no injuries were reported.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact Danville Crimestoppers at (434) 793-0000, or via our crime tips line on your computer at Information given will remain confidential. Citizens who contact Crimestoppers by telephone may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.00.

So that happened. Special thanks for the first robbery has to go to the management of FasMart for only having one clerk working in a store on a Friday night. The Wilco store did have two people working and it didn’t stop the bad guys from robbing that, but only having one clerk is a recipe for a disaster. Let’s hope that the PD can clear these robberies quickly.

Now let’s hop in the Time Machine and head back to July 2011. Here’s the statement from the Danville police department…

At 1131 S. Boston Rd, the Airport Pure convenience store, the clerk advised at approximately 11:30pm, a Black Male 5’8” in his 20’s wearing a black hat, red bandana over his face, white shirt and dark pants holding a silver hand gun entered his store, pointed his weapon at him and demanded money. The clerk drew his own weapon from his waistband and the suspect fled the store. The clerk followed as the suspect went around the building. The suspect fired a shot at the clerk and the clerk fired several shots into the air. The area was secured and a bloodhound attempted a track with negative results. No one was injured.

The previous day, a clerk was shot in a 4PM robbery at the Joy Food Store on Riverside Drive (about 2 miles from the Airport Pure store) so tensions were already high. The shooting and these robberies remain unsolved.

Somebody knows something about last night’s robberies and the ones back in July 2011. It’s time for that somebody to call CrimeStoppers and get people put in jail for these crimes. Nuff said.

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