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ThreadSpotting: “Boobs… or No Boobs”

What do you get when you combine gameshows and breast implants?

Every so often we go outside the SouthsideCentral area for things that are interesting and we’ve found a messageboard thread that will creep you out while making you laugh hysterically. Why did Manuela get her implants removed?

Yes, there’s a fan-based messageboard that is solely devoted to “The Price Is Right”. It’s devolved into a “We Hate Drew Carey” rantfest while wishing for the second coming of Bob Barker (that’s not gonna happen).

Carey even had something to say about those quite-insane-at-times people on his own blog…

What bugs me the most is that it was all spill-over from a TPIR “fan” site that seems, at first glance, to be chock full of people that are metaphorically out on the street with their pants down yelling at a telephone pole. It’s not, totally. But like it always happens, a few people start screaming at telephone poles and next thing you know you can’t hear yourself talk.

With that being said, recently had a new member join up and ask if anybody knew why one of the models had her breast implants removed. C to the Reepy, my friends. You can read it as the thread devolves into quite an enjoyable trainwreck which culminates in this classic posting…


Somebody get me a straight jacket!!!!11!!

The person was banned from the board quickly after that and everything returned to abnormally normal. Be sure not to miss the Before & After photo that the person posted and the discussion on whether she would have been hired with only A-cup breasts.

It’s hilarious. It’s disturbing. It’s a damned good ThreadSpotting.

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