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A Tale Of Two Malls

Danville’s Piedmont Mall & Martinsville’s Liberty Fair Mall have some things in common…

They both have the same owner now. They probably also have the same dismal future.

Here’s a list of other things that they have in common…

  • They have plenty of parking that’s rarely used.
  • They have horrible arcades with mostly broken video games that were fun to play fifteen years ago.
  • The best place to eat there is the Chick-Fil-A restaurants, although Danville’s is almost an afterthoughts once Colin Brady built the one of Riverside Drive.
  • They both have a Sears anchor store that when I’ve been in there, I never have seen anybody buying anything. The same can be said for the Radio Shack stores.
  • They both have mall walkers who will walk right over top of you if you dare to block their way.
  • They both have a “Suit City” in them. (It’s a blessing!)
  • And finally, they both have zero working escalators.

Seriously, Liberty Fair Mall does have some stores that are worth visiting even though the interior of the mall has a lot of vacancies. Let’s see what happens to both of the area malls now that new ownership is taking over.

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