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QuickHits! (5/27/12)

Let’s get right to the main course…

#1 : Stormclouds are semi-brewing about Danville’s Mayor Sherman Saunders and some irregularities at Pittsylvania County Community Action. An ex-employee has came out with a story on what allegedly happened behind the scenes and it’s not very friendly to Saunders. I’m not sure if it’s anything so far, but I’m looking into it.

#2 : (Official) Happy Trails to Danville’s “Wings & Things” restaurant in Sherwood Shopping Center. They had been closed for remodeling for 6+ months and now they’re closed for good.

#3 : Who’s out at the Danville Register & Bee now that Media General has sold their newspaper business to Berkshire Hathaway? Things will change even though the R&B was clear in saying that Warren Buffett believes in paywalls. One thing is for sure… you can kiss WSLS-TV out of a lot of Danville coverage since they relied on the R&B for the majority of what happened here. Perhaps a local TV station could cover more than the car wreck of the day. Nah, who the hell am I kidding?

#4 : An inside political source noticed the conspicuous absence & mdntion of State Senator Bill Stanley at the local Bill Bolling For Governor rally in Danville. There’s no public word from Stanley yet, but I’m betting that he’s supporting Ken Cuccinelli for the nomination. In another related thought to that rally, I saw US Senate candidate E.W. Jackson there that night, but he quickly disappeared after everybody declared their support for George Allen. When Jackson & his assistant left, that eliminated 2/3 of the black people in the room.

That’s all for now. Comments are welcome.

2 comments to QuickHits! (5/27/12)

  • Fred Shanks

    Bruce, if you want more info on Senator Stanley relative to The A G, get a summary report of he Fifth District hoedown in FarmVille last weekend. Lots of discusted folks left that fiasco.

    Also, surprised you have no report or new information relative to the hot topic in the Danville budget. I bet you are just verifying your sources.

  • Samuel Gilleran

    Bruce, I too noticed the conspicuous absence of Senator Stanley at the Bolling rally. While I do suspect he’s supporting the Attorney General, I have also heard through the grapevine that he recently came down with a fairly serious illness, which may have played a factor in his absence. I got that third-hand, so take it FWIW.

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