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Festival in the Park in Black & White

Caution: This is a racist article (because I’ve got the guts to write about it).

Just like Danville, Festival in the Park is racially divided. And just like Danville, very few people are willing to point it out. Sunday’s entertainment lineup is designed to attract the black demographic, and it works. But I’m highly pissed at both races for not being multi-cultural enough to sample & enjoy what was presented this year. I was embarrassed to be one of the two white people in the crowd of over 300 who were thoroughly enjoying the gospel singing. It only got slightly more integrated at the African Drumming & Dancing show because it was near the park entrance… but only a few white people stayed to watch more than two minutes.

At both performances, the entertainers were putting their hearts and souls into their shows, but very few white people showed any interest in it. You don’t have to understand it, but you should be appreciative of it.

And before you think I’m only indicting “my people” of cultural ignorance, there’s festival & cultural ignorance on both sides. Ballou Park was as segregated as churches are at 11AM on Sunday morning. I had a great time listening to all of the entertainment at Festival in the Park this weekend because I appreciate all cultures and don’t see race as a divisive cultural block.

It’s a damned shame that 99% of Festival attendees don’t think the same way.

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