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You can fight City Hall…

… with extortion.

You’ve probably heard by now that Danville’s city manager, Joe King, is again proposing a 30 cent tax on a pack of cigarettes. Some people have howled that a city with a deep tobacco heritage like Danville should never even consider taxing such a product that made Danville what it is today. (Those people are idiots, by the way.) Face it, there are very few ways for Virginia cities to raise revenue and Joe King is doing what can do to try and get some money into the city’s treasury. It ain’t gonna happen this year either.

Thanks to representatives from the two tobacco stores threatening their (quite-justified) plans to close their city locations and move to the county if the tax passed, the council is not going to be blamed for the loss of businesses.

Who knew that threats to move your business out of town if things don’t go your way actually works? Well, John Cannon does. That’s why CCI was shockingly carved out when South Boston annexed most of Riverdale.

Councilman Fred Shanks was also smart enough to call bullshit on the projected revenue that the tax would bring in. Shanks understood that higher prices lead to lower sales… but who needs business principles when the power of business extortion exists?

7 comments to You can fight City Hall…

  • Wild Handyman

    When a city needs a business more than the business needs the city, the business holds all the cards. In this economic downturn a city can always count on being able to cut back on some of the waste and duplication of effort built into the system, but may never be able to attract another paying customer. The city has wisely decided to tighten its belt and spare the taxpayers… this time.

  • Can you really justify the City forcing a price increase on their smallest businesses? Many of whom have no real option of moving the short distance out of the city. Using a tax that does nothing to balance the budget and most likely will result in decreased revenues.

    Mom & Pop convenience stores watch out. Bruce want to hurt you.

  • All this just because of a grudge? You’re willing to toss aside any credibility you once had because you lost a battle after crowing about a victory?

  • I just went back and re-read your incoherent post. You agree with Blue Ridge and Tarheel’s decisions, yet you still call them extortionists? You really have become loony Bruce.

  • Oh. I’ve taken screen shots.

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