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QuickHits! (5/10/12)

News & Views in a quick format. Sorta like Headline News was before they crapped up the format…

#1 : Fight litter the old-fashioned way. Confront the jerks who do it. I was at the South Boston Sheetz last night and saw a guy confront another person who threw a cup lid out of his car window. He picked the lid up, walked over to the driver and said “I’ll throw this away for you. The trash can is right over there.” The driver drove away without saying anything, but I know he was embarrassed. Thumbs Up! to that stranger with guts.

#2 : There’s nothing like seeing police officers chase, tase, and subdue a guy in your front yard at 1 AM. I’m waiting on details from the Halifax PD on what happened.

#3 : Danville’s Economic Development office loses Anne Sparks. She’s going to Gateway Health and she’s doing so at a smart time. Last year around budget time, city layoffs sent Melissa Breaux packing from that office. I’m wondering if more higher-paid city employees are on the chopping block?

That’s all for this late edition. Comments are welcome!

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