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UPDATED: Happy Trails, Bronx Boy Bagels!

(Updated to add R&B story and comments)

It’s a sad day for people who love good food.

Here’s the news story that we’re running on Star News. We’ll have some comments up later today.

The Danville restaurant that was recently in the news for failing to send in the meals taxes that they collected has now closed. Steve and Judy Salamon moved to Danville in 2004 and decided to open a restaurant. Bronx Boy Bagels opened in 2007 and was located on Main Street in downtown Danville. Although they were open for business as usual on Friday, their windows were covered in white paper on Saturday morning with a sign on the door that read “Thank you for your loyal patronage and support” and it was signed “Steve, Judy and the staff”. We called the restaurant’s listed phone number and got a recorded message from Steve Salomon saying that the restaurant was closed and thanking everybody for their support as well.

Bronx Boy Bagels had been in the news lately for failing to remit over $7,000 in collected meals taxes to the city government. Danville General District Court records indicate that Bronx Boy Bagels “Complied With The Law” which means that they paid the taxes. Judy Salamon, pleaded “nolo contendere” to a charge of Failure to Report or Remit Meals Taxes on March 1st of this year and was fined $25. There is still one misdemeanor charge still pending on Judy Salamon regarding the meals tax issues. We talked with the lawyer that is representing the Salamons but were told “No comment at this time.”

Bronx Boy Bagels was also in the news in October last year when they organized a boycott of Danville’s Bright Leaf Brew Fest. The owners of the restaurant felt that the food concession business for the festival had been pre-sold to a non-local-based restaurant.

We talked with other downtown merchants and they were all unaware of any closing plans for Bronx Boy Bagels. Michelle Bender, owner of “Dixie Bags And More” said that “Losing Bronx Boy Bagels is a tragedy for downtown Danville”.

Danville Register & Bee story: Danville’s Bronx Boy Bagels closes

Ok, now my thoughts…

It’s a damned shame, although I admit I hadn’t been back in the place since the meals tax issue. Now, I have absolutely no reason to go to downtown Danville after 4 PM. Guess it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy, eh?

6 comments to UPDATED: Happy Trails, Bronx Boy Bagels!

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  • jaydeebee

    Not a happy trail at all, very sad. Way to go Danville, you deserve all the .99 cent cheeseburgers you can stomach!

  • bfood

    I don’t usually stick up for Danville because they do things in ways that are not on the up and up sometimes. However you can’t blame Danville for a business shooting itself in the foot by jumping on customers when they walk in the door, complaining about how the city is treating them over the Bright Leaf Brewfest. As a customer that gets old. It is a shame, they had great food, but not enough sense to run a business. Oh yeah why had they not paid there meal taxes? Was the city suppose to let them collect the tax and keep it. I guess the city was suppose to pay there taxes for them.

  • JimBob

    I went there 3 or 4 times…..Service was very Slow…….4 or 5 People just standing around. Owners not very Friendly.
    They charged me Tax on the Food I had but They didn’t pay their Taxes, What’s up with that????

  • DB Tate

    Boy, oh, boy, am I an unhappy camper, having just found out that Bronx Boy Bagels has closed. I loved the food they served and the nostalgia of “The Bronx” in the decor and atmosphere of the place. Danville…, has lost a gem. (Tisk-tisk-tisk)

  • Rebecca

    Not surprised at all. The owners had a bad attitude and the service was terrible. Their food wasn’t that great. The bread was dense and the muffins were more like cake. They made no attempt to act like they were glad you came in. So, I stopped going. Looks like enough people did too. Oh well. Shame for downtown, but perhaps a nicer restaurant could move in…

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