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Dumbass of the Day! (3/1)

I know you’re not supposed to “blame the victim” in criminal cases, but this one makes it way too easy to do just that.

From our friends over at the Eden (NC) police department…

On Monday, February 22, 2010, Melissa Marie Craven of 1615 Ridge Avenue, Eden, N.C. reported that her 1997 Dodge Intrepid had been stolen during the night from the roadway in front of her residence. The vehicle had been unlocked with the keys left in the vehicle.

Apparently, the “Please Steal Me” sign had fell off the vehicle.

3 comments to Dumbass of the Day! (3/1)

  • Dissa

    Sort of like Emily Noblin leaving her car at FBC all weekend. With her purse in the car.


  • HomeStyle

    I understood her to say she was at choir practice last night when it was broken into. Not that she left her car there all weekend…. I don’t see the comparison here…

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