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Lynchburg wants old black women to freeze to death!

Let’s have some Al Sharpton-branded race pimping in Lynchburg, shall we?

Activist: Lynchburg Social Services unfairly discriminates in heating assistance

I do believe that this quote says it all about Stamps’ latest attempt to get his name in the news…

Stamps said he did not know why the woman’s application was denied and had not spoken with anyone from the city about her case, but added he saw no justification for the decision.

In other words, “I don’t know a damn thing about what’s going on, but she’s black! See? She’s black! I don’t need facts, because she’s black! Have I mentioned that she’s black? In not, then she’s black!”

Until you know the facts (and objectively let us know those facts): Shut up, Garnell Stamps.

2 comments to Lynchburg wants old black women to freeze to death!

  • Martha C.

    Just have to agree with you. At first it sounds horrible. 101-year-old woman is denied help with her energy bill but then you find out it was due to not meeting the income requirement. You have to know the rest of the story before you start trying to get people fired.

  • jaydeebee

    Perhaps Mr. Stamps or “Rev.” Sharpton could offer the elderly woman some financial assistance themselves rather than point and tell everyone how horrible it is that no one will help her.

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