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Ben Davenport is looking out for your best interests!

Doesn’t that make you feel safe & secure? Nah… didn’t think so.

Town of Chatham to tackle eyesores

While we applaud the Chatham town council’s decision to try and clean up some of the blighted areas around town, we do chuckle when Ben Davenport gets the spotlight with his own ideas which have the slightest appearance of self-serving. Not surprisingly, some of the rational regular R&B commenters have already called Davenport out on this.

Ain’t small town life fun?

3 comments to Ben Davenport is looking out for your best interests!

  • jaydeebee

    Davenport should have been taking care of his own property (like the long mill) before he starts calling out others. Hypocrite, thy name is Davenport.

  • Jack Fallen

    Is Mr Davenport related to our beloved John Cannon?

  • The reports I have from the gov’t list Ben Davenport as the owner of FPC at the time the illegal hazardous waste landfill in Providence, The Goodyear tire Superfund site. I have letters with FPC letterhead, signed by their own VP at the time, that confesses to the company operating the illegal dump. No surprise there. There were several more illegal dumps that FPC operated back in the early 70’s. Very soon I will start a thread here, and lay it all out for everyone. This is a disaster, we already have one well poisoned, and my family has lost a fortune.

    More to come! Randy Dowdy

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