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Turkey truck overturns near Chatham.

It happened Friday morning and we don’t have any photos or videos about it. So why would we write about an relatively old story? One heck of a punch line, folks.

First, the story. Friday morning, the driver of a Circle S Ranch truck hauling live turkeys ran off the side of Route 29 north of Chatham and overturned his truck onto the side. Cages of turkeys went everywhere, with some of the birds being killed in the wreck. Motorists and law enforcement were able to corral some of the turkeys until another truck arrived to get the turkeys to market.

And now, a semi-related video that I’m sure that many of our readers have never seen before. I find it quite appropriate, however.

If you’ve never seen this episode of WKRP, you must go find it. 😀

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