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Does Danville have a gang problem?

The answer: Yes. The answer: No.

Today, Danville police held a press conference where they announced numerous arrests from their Burglary Task Force. The spotlight was on the five officers who blew the burglary ring up.

Here’s the quote from Broadfoot that has the talk going…

…Interviews of several suspects led to the discovery of a local gang, called “The Runners”, who operated as a “Bloods” criminal street gang. The Runners had been in existence since the summer of 2008 and were working in conjunction with “West Mo”, another Bloods criminal street gang. The Runners operated mainly from the Druid Hills neighborhood and WestMo operated from the Westmoreland neighborhood…

Dear God! Danville Has Gangs! was heard as the panic ensues. The cynical ones said “We thought Danville didn’t have gangs, Broadfoot.” More panic ensues as hysteria runs rampant in the street. Will Danville survive? Then came the big question… Does Danville Have A Gang Problem?

Here’s the answer…

Yes. You’d be a fool to believe that Danville doesn’t have gangs. They may call themselves “Bloods” but they are nowhere near the criminal enterprises then the “real” Bloods gangs are, but they’re out there.

No. It’s not a problem. Danville has a police department that pulls 5 officers off the streets and tells them “You’re now a task force and you’re to solve this problem.” Those five officers go out and get 375 criminal charges in four months and complete their task beyond expectations.

Today isn’t a day to wring hands about a potential threat to Danville from “gangs”. Today was a day to celebrate the hard work of those five officers.

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